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Cunard Cruise Line Jobs

Cunard Cruise Line (formerly Cunard White-Star Line) is one of the most famous British shipping companies. It is American owned and is based at Carnival House, Southampton, England, operated by Carnival UK.

Cunard Cruise Line

For over a century, Cunard Cruise Line has been leader in operating passenger ships on North Atlantic. Samuel Cunard was awarded the British steamship mail contract for the first time in history in 1839. For more than thirty years Cunard held the prize for fastest Atlantic voyageBlue Riband.

In 1870s the company fell behind its rivals- the Inman Line and White Star Line. Cunard was reorganized in 1879 as Cunard Steamship Company, Ltd with the purpose to raise capital. In 1902 the British Government provided loans and subsidy to Cunard for the building of two superliners to retain company’s competitive position.

Cunard Cruise Line faced new competition in the late 1920s when the Italians, Germans and French built their large liners. The British Government offered loans to Cunard in 1934 to finish Queen Mary and build its second ship – Queen Elizabeth. The condition was Cunard to merge with White Star line, forming this way Cunard White-Star Ltd. Two-thirds of the company were owned by Cunard.

In 1947 Cunard purchased the share of White Star and the name of the company reverted to Cunard Line in 1950. After the war Cunard regained the position of largest Atlantic passenger line. It operated twelve ships to Canada and the United States. Transatlantic passenger ships became unprofitable after 1958, because jet airliners were already introduced.

In 1968 Cunard cruise line withdrew from year round service and concentrated on summer transatlantic voyages and cruising for vacationers. Queen Elizabeth 2 (QE2), designed for that dual role, replaced the Queens.

Cunard was acquired by Carnival Corporation in 1998, and in 2012 accounted 8.7% of company’s revenue. Five years later Queen Elizabeth 2 was replaced by Queen Mary 2 on the Transatlantic runs. The line operates Queen Victoria (QV) and Queen Elizabeth (QE), too.

Nowadays, Cunard Cruise Line is the only shipping company operating scheduled passenger service between North America and Europe.

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Cunard Cruise Line Fleet

Cunard Cruise Line Fleet

  • Queen Mary 2 – built and entered service for Cunard in 2004;
  • Queen Victoria – built and entered service for Cunard in 2007;
  • Queen Elizabeth – built and entered service for Cunard in 2010.


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