Instructors & Lecturers

Golf Instructors

cruise ship instructorsOperating golf simulator. Playing golf with passengers. Self-promotion, instruction and conducting shore excursions. Independent individuals who have the capacity and patience to teach at all levels and the ability to interact in social situations with guests and staff. Fluent English and previous experience required.

Salary: $3300-3800 per month.

Scuba Diving / Water Sports Instructors

Conducting daily diving and snorkeling programs. Maintaining equipment. Diving instructor’s certificate and First Aid certificate required. Fluent English.

Salary: $3500-4200 per month.

Bridge Instructors

Experienced bridge teacher and ACBL certified director, achieved Life Master standing. Proficient, with excellent social skills, outgoing, dynamic personality. Responsible for teaching bridge lessons for intermediate, advanced or absolute beginner players. Excellent English.

Salary: $3000-5000 per month.

Dance Instructors

Usually a duo, proficient in all dance styles. Offering lessons to passengers. Outgoing, friendly and patient. Previous experience and fluent English required.

Salary: $2300-3500 per month.

Texas 42 Instructors

Teaching the popular domino game similar in strategy to the Bridge, but not so complicated. Instructing passengers on how to play and improve their game. Friendly, flexible, excellent social skills. Responsible for teaching lessons for beginners and advanced players. Fluent English required.

Salary: $2300-3000 per month.

Arts & Crafts Instructorscruise ship arts

Friendly, patient and creative. Teaching craft projects to guests. Responsible for providing the needed supplies to make the crafts. Fluent English required.

Salary: $2300-3400 per month.

Caricature Artist

Responsible for providing quick and fun caricature drawings, offered at no charge to passengers. Friendly, creative, excellent social skills and fluent English.

Salary: $2400-4000 per month.

Destination Lecturer

Responsible for original presentations illustrating culture, history, geography, anthropology, wildlife, politics of the regions, countries and ports of call. Providing guests with insight into the ports that one would not be able to find in an average guidebook. Excellent and experienced public speaker. Enthusiastic and credible. Excellent English required.

Salary: $2300-3000 per month.

Special Interest Lecturer

Discussing their area of expertise in an educating and entertaining manner. The topics of the seminars and lectures do not necessarily have to be connected with the particular ports of call. Public speaking skills and sales training. Enthusiastic and credible. Excellent English required.

Salary: $2100-2700 per month.

Port / Shopping Lecturer

cruise ship shopping lecturerMust have detailed knowledge about the ports of call and be able to recommend various stores and shops ashore. Being in constant touch with vendors. Public speaking skills and sales training. Enthusiastic and credible. Excellent English required.

Salary: $1800-2200 per month /plus a commission from stores and shops/.